Acquisitions: 2012-2013

Wither, George.A Collection of Emblemes, Ancient and Moderne. Quickened With Metricall Illustrations, both Morall and Divine: And disposed into Lotteries, That Instruction, and Good Counsell, may bee furthered by an Honest and Pleasant Recreation.London: Augustine Mathewes/Henry Taunton, 1635-34.

Frontispiece (above). The work contains 200 fine circular engraved emblems by Crispin de Passe the Elder that were first published in Gabriel Rollenhagen’s Nucelus Emblematum Selectissimorum, Cologne, [1611] (see below for example).

“Wither divides the 200 plates into four parts, each of which is accompanied by a “Lotterie” of 56 verses referring to the various plates. These, when combined with the two woodcuts on the last leaf form a fortune or character-telling game of chance. By spinning the two pointers the player is directed to one of the four books and then to one of the 56 chances which in turn relate to the 50 plates, numbers 51-56 being blanks. Some of the chances are labelled “M” or “W” and relate exclusively to men or women; if you land on the wrong one for your sex then you take the next chance: ‘This Game occasions not the frequent crime, Of Swearing, or mispending our our Time; Nor losse of money: For the Play is short, And, ev’ry Gamester winneth by the sport. Wee, therefore, know it may as well become The Hall, the Parlor, or the Dining-roome, As Chesse, or Tables; and, we thinke the Price Will be as low; because it needs no Dice.’” The above text is from the dealer’s description. See below the “two pointers.”

Fortunetelling. Warsager Kunst. [Frankfurt]: [Christian Egenolff], 1541. [36] pp.

Title woodcut from Fortunetelling (above). The pamphlet also contains 48 smaller woodcuts (sample pages below).

 Luther, Martin. Ain Trewe Ermanung Zu allen Christen Sich zu verhuten vor Auffrur unnd Emberung. [Augsburg: Melchior Ramminger, 1522]. 20 pp

Greiffenberger, Hans. Ein christenliche Antwordt denen, die da sprechen das Evangelio[n] hab sein krafft vo[n] der Kirchen verlegt mit götlicher Geschrift auff das kürtzist zu trost den Christen inn Christo. Hanns Greyffenberger. [Bamberg: Georg Erlinger, 1524]. [8] pp.

Exquemelin, Alexandre Olivier. The History of the Bucaniers of America; from the first original down to this time; written in several languages; and now collected into one volume.: I. The exploits and adventures of LeGrand, Lolonois, Roche Brasiliano, Bat the Portuguese, Sir Henry Morgan, &c. Written in Dutch by Jo. Esquemeling, one of the bucaniers, and thence translated into Spanish — II. The dangerous voyage and bold attempts of Capt. Barth. Sharp, Watlin, Sawkins, Coxon and others in the South sea / written by Basil Ringrose and examin’d with the original journey — III. A journal of a voyage into the South sea by the freebooters of America from 1684 to 1689 / written in French by the sieur Raveneau de Lussan, never before in English — IV. A relation of a voyage of the Sieur de Montaubon, capt. of the freebooters in Guinea in the year 1695, &c. The third edition. London: Newborough, J. Nicholson & B. Tocke, 1704.

One of seven folding engraved maps:

Cerati, Antonio, Count. Le ville Lucchesi con altri opuscoli in versi ed in prosa di Filandro Cretense, Pastor Arcade (pseud.). Parma: Dalla Stamperia Reale [Bodoni], 1783. Printed within ornamental type border throughout; fine, thick paper, uncut and partly unopened. 

Swammerdam, Jan. Miraculum naturae sive uteri muliebris fabrica. notis in D. Joh. van Horne prodromum illustrata, & tabulis, … Adjecta est nova methodus, civitates corporis ita praeparandi, ut suam semper genuinam faciem servent. Ad illustriss. Regiam Societatem Londinensem. Leiden: Apud Cornelius Boutesteyn, 1679 (1672).

First edition, reissue of the 1672 gatherings with new title page. The image below is one of three large folding engraved plates of female reproductive organs.

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