Historia Langobardorum

Paul, the Deacon. Pauli Diaconi ecclesiae aquilegiensis historiorgraphi percelebris de origine et gestis regum Langobar doru libri VI : cum indice et argumentis. [Parisiis] venudãtur ab Joanne Paruo et Iodoco Badio Ascensio, 1514.

25cm x 19cm. The binding is parchment over pasteboard with an armorial stamp in gold leaf on the front and back covers. The armorial stamp is identical to that of Jean L’Evesque de la Cassiere, Grand Master of the Order of Malta, 1572-1581.

Wear on the front cover indicates the copy may have had clasps at one time. The fore edge and top and bottom edges are speckled in blue. The front pastedown bears the ex libris label of Mr. W.C. Baert de Waarde, most likely the jurist Wilhelm Cornelis Baert de Waarde (1864-1951). The title page verso bears the stamp of the Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie in The Hague.

Title page: the title sits within ornamental border and shows the mark of Parisian bookseller Iehan Petit. The title page bears the following inscription, “Sum Ex Libris Gothofredi, Dalij/ Anno 1611.” Professor Alain J. Stoclet believes this to be Gothofredus Dalij, i.e. Godfrey or Geoffrey Daly or O’ Daly, who may have been a member of a prominent Irish bardic family, traditionally attached to the kings of Munster, and who fled to the continent following the Elizabethan conquest of Ireland. The book is annotated and underlined in several places in what appears to be the same hand.

Special thanks to Professor Alain J. Stoclet of the Université Lyon who provided much of the information above.

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