Recently Added: English Books from the 16th Century

Boccaccio, Giovanni & John Lydgate. The Tragedies, gathered by John Bochas, of all such Princes as fell from theyr estates throughe the mutability of Fortune since the creation of Adam, until his time: wherein may be seen what vices bring menne to destruccion, wyth notable warnings howe the like may be avoyded.

Translated into English by John Lidgate, Monke of Burye. London: John Wayland, (1554).

Pulton, Ferdinando. An Abstract of all the penall Statues which can be generall, in force and use: Wherein is conteined the effect of all those Statutes, which do threaten to offenders thereof the losse of life, member lands, goods, or other punishment or forfaiture whatsoever. Whereunto is also added, in their apt Titles, the effect of all other generall Statutes.wherein there is any thing materiall and necessarie for each subiect to know. Moreouer the authoritie and duetie of all iustices, shirifes, coroners, escheators, maiors, baylifes, customers, comptrollers of custome, stewards of leetes and liberties, aulnegers, and purueyors, and what things by the letter of seuerall statutes in force, they may, ought, or are compellable to doe. Collected by Fardinando Pulton, … and by him (sithence the last Parliament holden anno 39. regin Elizabeth,) corrected and amended in euery title, and also augmented with diuers both last, and fourmer statutes, and with some new titles now added hereunto. London: Thomas Wight, 1600.

Bullein, William. Bulleins Bulwarke of Defense Against All Sickness, Soareness and Woundes that doe dayly assaulte mankinde: Which Bulwarke is kept with Hilarius the Gardener, & Health the Phisicion, with the Chirurgian, to helpe the Wounded Souldiours. Gathered and practised from the most worthy learned, both olde and new: to the great comfort of Mankinde… London: Thomas Marshe, 1579.

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