The Irving Layton Collection

Memorial University’s Irving Layton Collection was acquired in 2010 from Canadian writer and critic John Metcalf. The Collection contains approximately 260 items, including every English Language edition of Layton’s work, among them the important early editions from First Statement Press and Contact Press. As well as first editions and early editions, there are also foreign language editions, reprints, scarce limited editions, broadsides, anthologies (trade and workshop), and books owned by Layton, some of which have been annotated or corrected by him. In addition to personalized copies, several works in the Collection contain poems hand written by Layton, either on the endpapers or on loose leaf that was subsequently laid into the book; a number of these poems have not been collected. Finally, the Collection also contains Layton’s prose works, books that he edited or contributed introductions or forewords to, collected letters, books about Layton, as well as a number of periodicals, photographs and audio recordings.

For more information, please visit the Special Collections Irving Layton Collection Web Page.

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