New Acquisitions 2015

Medieval Fragments. A Teaching Portfolio. Manuscripts in the Age of PrintMeant to Convey Aspects of Manuscript and Print Culture in the Transition from Script to Print, compiled by Dr. Scott Gwara (University of South Carolina).

The eighteen manuscript fragments in the portfolio highlight some of the ways in which print culture affected the layout and decorative style of manuscripts, as well as some of the ways that manuscripts continued to influence printed books. The portfolio also provides evidence of the continued use of manuscripts and the production of new manuscripts throughout the hand-press period. Selected examples below.

Archaized fragment. Processional from the Royal Abbey of St. Louis at Poissy. Single folio on vellum, c.a. 1490. 

A script made to look like print. Luxury illuminated Pontifical. Single folio on vellum. Northern France, ca. 1525.

Printed Book of Hours decorated by hand. Folio printed on vellum and illuminated by Gilles and Germain Hardouyn. Single folio on vellum. Paris, dated 1513.

Fifteenth century text showing erasures, substitutions, abbreviations, notes & directions (margins), added texts and music (margins); music on paper stubs inserted into the gutter;continually updated for more than 200 years. Complete quire from an Antiphonal. Eight consecutive folios on vellum, foliated 45-60. The Netherlands, ca. 1450

Decorated folio from a stenciled Gradual on vellum. Spain, c.a. 1700.

Miniature from an eighteenth-century Persian Work. Sa’di (Saadi), The Gulistan or Garden of Roses. Single folio on strengthened paper. Persia, ca. 1760.

Indenture document (mortgage). Single document on vellum. England, dated 25 March 1774: approx. 620 x 800 mm.

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