New Acquisitions 2018-2019

A Collection of French Charters 13th-16th centuries

The present collection comprises approximately 50 charters of French origin, for the most part on parchment, in Latin and in French (one offers passages in Catalan). They offer historical and local interest, and provide today’s scholar and collector with a rich corpus of material to study the evolution of administrative and judiciary documents, the evolution of scripts, of the formulae and forms adopted by different chanceries and notaries, and the slow yet steady introduction of the vernacular, eventually superseding Latin in administrative and legal documents.

The charters are largely unstudied. We have provided a few sample analyses of certain documents. The bulk of the work and proper identifications needs to be conducted: a large number come from the French provinces, allowing the modern-day scholar to travel through the French realm before the modifications brought to cities and country sides.

A few charters still have remnants of wax seals.

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