Two Guest Exhibits: 2019

Classical Antiquity and Local Identities: from Newfoundland to Nigeria and Ghana March 7-9, 2019

Dr. Luke Roman in situ

One installment of a two part exhibit (the other piece was at the Rooms) created by Dr. Luke Roman and Classics graduate students Karen Gill, Kara Hickson, Morgan Locke and Marina Schmidt for the conference: Classical Antiquity and Local Identities: from Newfoundland to Nigeria and Ghana March 7-9, 2019. Program here.

The group worked with staff of the Archives & Special Collections, and the Centre for Newfoundland Studies to identify and select materials. The QEII exhibit includes newspaper articles, scripts, posters and a selection of Early Modern editions of the classics.

A Journey through Illustrations of the Past

Emma Hollett in situ

This exhibit looks at a collection of manuscripts and rare book leaves complied by New York book dealer Alfred W. Stites (1922-2016). Stites created “leaf books,” sets of leaves removed from rare books and manuscripts and made into portfolios. His intention was to show the progress of writing and printing over the centuries. The exhibit selects pages from Portfolio 1, History of the Written Word, number 10 of 15 numbered sets. The entire collection consists of 157 original leaves and artefacts. Digital copies of the pages can be found here.

The exhibit highlights 31 pages from the Portfolio 1. The leaves are organized into various categories: people, scenery, Persian literature, art & architecture, and miniatures. Most of the illustrations are in black and white, so the few that are in colour stand out.

The exhibit was curated by Emma Hollett, a third-year student at Memorial University, majoring in Folklore with a minor in Archaeology. Emma also works as a student assistant in archives & Special Collections.

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