Folklore of the Caucasus

Archives and Special Collections recently received a donation of six books on the Folklore of the Caucasus region of what is now Georgia. The history behind these books is as follows: prior to about 1910 there was no written language in the region. In the mid 1800’s Russia took control of the region and since then Russian scholars have recorded much of the Folklore and translated it into Russian. In the 1990’s, Dr. David G. Hunt translated these tales from the Russian into English and self-published about a dozen copies of each book. About 60 of the tales were published in “Georgian Folk Tales”, Merani Publishing House, Tbilisi, 1999 (ISBN 99928-16-42-2). Another 100 or so were published in “Legends of the Caucasus”, Saqi Books, London, 2012 (ISBN 978-0-86356-473-4).The six donated volumes are the originals and contain nearly 600 Folktales from which the 160 published tales were selected. The donor believes these are the only copies in Canada, and probably in North America. 

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